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Children & Youth

Bringing up children to know that God loves them is the greatest gift a parent can give. Our church treasures children, and strives to support parents as they help their children grow up in faith and friendship.

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Children at our Services

Children of all ages are always welcome at Christ Church. If you want to bring your children to church to join in worship, thank you. Your children's presence is a gift, and it is a sign of trust which we want to honour.

We know that children weren't made to sit still. If your child gets antsy sitting in the pews, please feel free to get up and walk around the church a bit. We understand that kids make noise. That's okay! We love hearing them.

There is a soft chair for nursing or comforting a child in the entranceway to the church. This is a slightly quieter space than the church itself. (You can also go into that space and close the door between the entranceway and the main church, if that's helpful.)


We have set up the back-right corner of the church as a children's play space, with some comfortable chairs, some quiet toys and activities, a little table for having a snack or doing some colouring, and some other things that might engage your child's interest. Let us know what would be helpful to you, and we can include it! It's still a work-in-progress.

The church is stroller-accessible, but not from Hammond Street, where there are some steep stairs. For easier stroller access, we recommend using the gravel parking lot on Digby Street (behind the chuch), and coming around the side of the church to the main entrance.

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