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Father Benjamin von Bredow

Off work Friday & Saturday, except for
emergencies and scheduled special events.


Christ Church: 128 Hammond St, Shelburne
Hall: 29 Ann St, Shelburne
Rectory: 128 Mowatt St, Shelburne

Deconsecrated churches, with special services as announced on Facebook:

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St Peter's: 1237 Sandy Point Rd, Shelburne
St Paul's: 119 Old Birchtown Rd, Birchtown

Office: Trudy Peterson

Trudy works 12 hours a week, including office hours on Thursday mornings (see the calendar)

Update Your Contact Information

We appreciate when you let us know if your information has changed, so that we can update the Parish List, which we use to make sure that people connected to the church are getting the pastoral care they need. You can update your information by filling out the form linked to the button below:

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