Cycle of Prayer – Nov 15th, 2015

Our Collect of the Week…
Almighty God,
You sent your Son Jesus Christ to be the light of the world.
Free us from all that darkens and ensnares us,
and bring us to eternal light and joy;
through the power of him who is alive
with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever

Please help us to pray for…
Our Diocese and her ministries here in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and our bishop, Bishop Ron Cutler…

Our National Church and our sister dioceses across Canada and our primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz…

And specifically for…
The people and ministries of the Parish of South Queens and the Rev’d Bonnie Baird

In our community and all of Shelburne County…
For the people of this area… Lord hear our prayers
For those struggling with unemployment and/or financial strain… Lord hear our prayers
For those coping with loss, fatigue, depression, anxiety… Lord hear our prayers
For the children and youth and for those entrusted to guide, protect, and teach them… Lord hear our prayers
For all the churches, regardless of denomination, and their ministries of love, compassion, justice, and healing… Lord hear our prayers
For those who share the Gospel with others… Lord hear our prayers

For our schools, the students, and the staff…
Teachers – “Bring all teachers in our schools who do not yet know you into your kingdom. Arrange divine appointments, that they may have a profound encounter with your Word.” (Romans 5:8)

In our Parish of Shelburne we pray for…
Our youth ministries
Our outreach ministries
Anglican Church Women (ACW)
Mother’s Union
Bible Fellowship
Honey Bees
Messy Church… Lord hear our prayers

For those who are alone, lonely, sick, suffering, dying, at home or in hospital…
For Gordie and Kim, Blanche, Judy, Donna, Sharon, Kathleen, Carol, Rick, Grace, Lawrence, Marilyn, Rose, Alice, Leslie, Debbie, Wayne, Beatrice, Drew, Berit, Mack, Barry, Lizzy, Elaine, Justin, Richard , Wally, Lorraine, Irene, Joan, Joyce, William, Linda and Jeff, Sandy, Norman, Chuck and all those in nursing homes or in hospitals… Lord hear our prayers

So many people in our community silently walk around with anxiety, grief, and fear – but we don’t have to hold onto our troubles; we aren’t alone. How can we pray for you? Send us a confidential email and let us know.